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Fusing Far and Near InfraRed imaging for pedestrian injury mitigation

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Contact person (Coordinator):
Leif Bergstrom

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Final project review meeting
V.I.S.I.O.N. 2010 in Versailles
ICT 2010
5:th project progress meeting
SPIE Photonics Europe

Sponsored by Seventh Framework Programme
Information and Communication Technologies
Intelligent vehicles and mobility services
Collaborative project
Small or medium-scale focused research project (STREP)
Grant Agreement no. 216384

Welcome to the FNIR web site.

FNIR is a system/concept oriented project aimed at evaluating the opportunities of using fused Near Infrared (NIR) and Far Infrared (FIR) sensors in Night Vision systems for automobiles. The objective of the FNIR project is to achieve higher pedestrian detection performance than what is achieved today.

This is necessary to allow a stronger interaction with the driver. Sensor fusion with presently available FIR sensors will however be too costly for wide spread automotive use. Fortunately, the fused system allows reduced FIR sensor resolution and sensitivity Therefore the fusion approach may solve both the performance and cost problems enabling wide spread implementation.

FNIR will look into the opportunities and limitations for a new detector material, wafer level packaging and miniature optics.